Joining the ranks of bloggists is necessary if for no other reason than to simply record the threads that make up this messy managed care system.

There is fascinating discourse about healthcare going on in many arenas today, but much of it is occuring within individual specialties, or regions, or in specific vertical structures. It is my hope that by bringing together pieces of information from different sectors and forums, we may be able to discern a broader, more horizontal view that helps create innovative ways to think about solutions.

I look forward to a long and interactive dialogue on managing the business of managed care.

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  1. chiphart
    chiphart says:

    Welcome! Awesome! I created a WordPress account just to post to your blog, figuring I’d have something pithy and insightful to say.

    No luck.

    I look forward to your effort, I know I’ll be stealing your good stuff. Er, you know, blogging about it.

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