New Technology Automates The Vaccination Workflow – AccuVax White Paper

Operating an Effective and Profitable Vaccine Business Within Your Healthcare Practice

Running a successful and profitable vaccine business within your practice requires significant investment in vaccine inventory. Storing and handling this inventory requires specialized equipment and extensive non-clinical activities, which are time consuming for your staff and costly to your practice.

What if you could automate these activities? What if your healthcare staff could focus more on patient care instead of tracking, documenting and reporting vaccine inventory? What if you could do all this and save significant vaccine inventory costs?

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Efficiency In Influenza Vaccine Packaging

Health care professionals administering adult influenza vaccines have multiple products from which to choose. Influenza vaccines are packaged in multi-dose and single-dose vials, in prefilled syringes that require a needle for intramuscular injection, and in prefilled syringes with a microneedle for intradermal injection. There are several criteria that are evaluated when determining product selection; efficiency, the ease and speed at which a dose of vaccine can be delivered, should be considered a key factor…

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