The Verden Group has been working with an exciting new company, TruMed Systems, on their revolutionary new approach to vaccine storage and management.

They started by asking the question; how would you design a better vaccine storage and handling solution?

Running a vaccine ‘business’ is an essential yet very costly component of your primary care practice. A study conducted by The Verden Group in 2009 quantified the costs of vaccine storage and handling for averaged sized primary care practices (3 providers) and estimated the costs of handling, storage, wastage and missed billing at $16,000 annually.

TruMed Systems looked at the process of vaccine storage and handling and set out to find a better solution. Assembling a network of physicians, nurses, practice managers and vaccine industry experts, they set about designing AccuVaxTM a fully automated vaccine storage and handling solution. We happen to think it’s AWESOME.

We thought we’d share this latest white paper from TruMed – click here to read it and see what AccuVax can do, and how it may help transform your vaccine business.