The Verden Group Brings a Legal Context to Guidance on Business Matters

The Verden Group is very pleased to announce the addition of Sumita Saxena, Esq., to our consulting team. Admitted to the California State Bar in 2000, Sumita brings her legal focus to the Group in the capacity of business consulting services, specializing in matters such as practice agreements, guidance on employment laws, and negotiation and language interpretation for insurance contracts.

“The addition of Sumita to our team brings the level of services we provide up another notch,” says Susanne Madden, CEO and founder of the Verden Group. “We’re not a law firm. We work in a strictly non-legal, business-only capacity when advising clients but the fact is that legal issues are a part of doing business in healthcare today. Sumita’s expertise ensures our clients have the benefit of expert business advice on these matters and are guided appropriately as to when to seek legal counsel.”

With current experience as in-house counsel for a medical group, Sumita has the hands on expertise required to confidently advise Verden’s clients on the development of sound business operating procedures and practices from a legal perspective. Sumita also has extensive experience working on employment matters, workforce & performance management, and human resources management.

She is located in Redwood City, CA, and can be reached at