Scott Beyer

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Scott A. Beyer has been striving to exceed customer expectations in various facets of the software industry for over 25 years. His work experience runs the gamut from training and tech-support, to software quality assurance, to team development and project management. During his nine years at Apple, he helped to deliver five generations of the award-winning FileMaker Pro database family.

He formed Appleseed Solutions in 2008 so that he could be closer to his customers and better see first-hand how his work contributes to his clients’ successes and works with Verden to deliver that same level of care to our clients too.

Scott understands the value of building web sites with an eye toward longevity and low-cost maintenance, and the importance of a great user experience on mobile devices. And he has eight years of experience creating custom solutions with WordPress. He is involved personally in every stage of a project, from gathering requirements and analyzing workflow, to visual design, to implementation, training and maintenance. He listens to his clients and translates their needs into a great solution for both them and their customers.

Scott makes his home in Richmond, Vermont and San Francisco, California. When he’s not building things on his MacBook, you can find him building enormous Star Wars ships out of LEGO, or working in the kitchen to create delicious things out of butter, sugar and flour.