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What our clients say:

“We use Referalink to to track all of our patient orders and referrals and to supplement our staff. The Referalink Network and their staff do the simple work so that our staff can follow up on patient and report alerts. With Referalink we can keep better track, or coordinate the care, of patients after they leave our practice.”

– Shondra Burke, Referral Dept Manager
Children’s Medical Group, Atlanta, GA

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When patients leave your practice with an order or referral, how will your practice coordinate and track care?

Effective coordination of patients’ healthcare services is a key component of high quality and efficient care.

Referalink provides an Internet-based order and referral management system combined with a fax server, referral coordinators, a patient call center and consult report capture that actually ‘closes the loop’.

Simple to Setup and Use

The Referalink Network includes web portals for providers making referrals and specialists or community resources receiving referrals.  Faxes are used when specialists don’t use a Referalink portal.

Integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations and medical homes don’t need to install expensive systems, they just need access to Internet Explorer and the Internet.

End-to-end Support

Referalink also offers:

  • A referral authorization service
  • A patient call center and
  • A consult report tracking service

These services combine to generate alerts that identify patients who may be non-compliant with provider orders and identify consult reports that are overdue.  These alerts identify high priority patients that need your staff’s time and attention, so your staff can focus on the follow up.

Specialists using Referalink have access to all referral information and can use our secure messaging system to communicate with the referring provider’s staff.  Interrupting phone calls are reduced and specialists can’t misplace referral information.

Referalink CPC

Referalink Network, LLC, is a cloud based technology company that coordinates patient care between primary care physicians and specialists or any community based resources.

Providers wanting to deliver high quality and efficient care use Referalink as a management, tracking and communication service to coordinate the care patients receive between office visits.

A perfect solution for Patient-Centered Medical Homes!