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What our clients say:

“Ten years ago when I outsourced all this compliance stuff, I knew it would make life easier for the staff. Now I look at all the money I saved over the years, not to mention litigation that didn’t happen, and I think this is one very good investment”

“Let’s face it, when my compliance coordinator left to raise her family, my compliance plan walked out the door with her. Ever since I brought MedSafe in, I don’t worry about that happening again.”


The nation’s premier provider of outsourced quality, safety and compliance programs.

MedSafe is the leader in providing end-to-end healthcare compliance solutions. Our suite of online and onsite programs gives your practice the necessary tools and skills to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, our team is dedicated to minimizing your risk and maximizing your peace of mind.

Why Do I Need Healthcare Compliance?

  • Achieving healthcare compliance, whether you are a small practice, a large multi-site group or somewhere in between makes good business sense . . . When it’s done right!
  • Compliance protects your practice from the threat of fines, penalties and / or bad public relations.

Is Healthcare Compliance Mandatory?-OSHA = Yes!

  • Corporate Compliance / Fraud, Waste & Abuse = Yes!
    [If your company is billing Medicare and / or Medicaid]
  • HIPAA/HITECH = Not Yet, but in 2012 the Office for Civil Rights contracted with KPMG to begin conducting HIPAA/HITECH audits. . .

What About Billing & Coding Compliance?

  • For every dollar that the federal government is spending to investigate and prosecute healthcare fraud in civil cases, they receive nearly thirteen dollars back.
  • Code auditing ensures better billing compliance.
  • ICD-10 will soon be here.

Our Healthcare Compliance Services:

  • Corporate Compliance (Fraud, Waste and Abuse)
  • Billing and Coding Compliance
  • OSHA
  • Web-based training with CMEs and CEUs

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  1. Assess. Health compliance has many facets. Our team of compliance consultants will come onsite to assess your practice’s needs. We can also accomplish an assessment via our online survey process.
  2. Implement. From the assessment, we can create a site-specific manual as well as a report of recommendations. We assist in the implementation of the recommendations and provide employee training.
  3. Maintain. As the healthcare regulatory environment changes, we keep you up-to-date, and if a local, state or federal regulatory body comes to your facility, we will stand by you throughout the audit process.