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“I would highly recommend FMS to any other health care practice. You have allowed me to focus on being a quality physician doing what I do best, instead of dealing with delinquent accounts.”

 Dr. Brian Paris, Doctor of
Chiropractic, Director, Advanced Spine & Wellness Center

FMS Financial Solutions

FMS Financial Solutions is a physician-centric debt collection company, specializing in state-of-the-art solutions.

Customized Collection Efforts

Unlike most other collection agencies that have not focused on preserving the best doctor patient relationships under the circumstances, you have the ability to control the manner in which FMS will pursue collections on your behalf. You have the ability to choose one, two, or any combination of the following levels of collection activity for your account. You can do this on an account by account basis or for your entire portfolio of delinquent accounts.

  • Report to major credit reporting agencies
  • Send written correspondence to motivate collections
  • Have a professional debt collector call
  • If you desire, FMS will use its network of qualified attorneys to initiate legal action on your behalf
  • Negotiate settlement in full/repayment plans of the outstanding balance per your instructions or guidelines

Clear Communication

Sending your delinquent accounts to a collection agency should not seem like you have lost control or given up the ability to manage your outstanding accounts receivable. At FMS you have the ability to review your entire portfolio 24/7 on our interactive website. You can communicate directly with our client liaisons, advise us if there is a change we need to know about, or examine account activity and balances. We have created proprietary technology which allows you to review reports and filter the information to suit your specific needs. We welcome calls from our Clients who wish to speak with our representatives who wish to inquire about their account. On a daily basis you can view a report outlining all collection activities in your debt portfolio. Additionally, by logging into your account using our secure encrypted website, you can review the accounts submitted and check for errors, omissions, and to elaborate, if necessary, by providing additional information about the debtor. At FMS we believe that our technology and friendly staff allows us to communicate with our clients, efficiently, effectively, and CLEARLY.

Client Technology

FMS Financial Solutions offers a comprehensive set of online tools for all of their Clients. Upon registering on the website and becoming a Client, you will gain access to the following features:

  • 24/7 access to Create and Manage accounts for FMS Financial Solutions to collect.
  • Submit Debtors electronically either through Custom Reports or individually through a user friendly process.
  • Customize your collection efforts for your entire portfolio or for individual debtors.
  • Create and Update your profile so that FMS Financial Solutions can keep in constant contact with you.
  • View detailed statistics and reports of your active accounts.
  • Communicate online directly with your Account Representative regarding individual debtors.
  • Take advantage of our Debt Acquisition and Criminal Background Check services.
  • Dedication to keeping your information and transactions secure via the latest web security technologies.
  • Offer your Debtors the ease of online payment via FMS Financial Solutions Debtor tools.

Control & customize your collections.

Recapture profits to improve your bottom line.

FMS Financial Solutions utilizes the latest in web technology and security to offer both Clients and Debtors easy management of all of their collections needs.

Physician Owned.

FMS Physician

Dr. Jeff Hausfeld
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