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“Our consultant was blown away by the information that we gave her. For the first time, she had the tools available to get us the best deal possible – and she did!”

– Dr. Robert Belafski


Encoda BackOffice Suite represents a revolution in automated transaction management for the medical billing industry. Our patent-pending technology streamlines the medical billing process, ensuring fast and efficient claims processing. We use advanced business logic to transform your existing Practice Management System (PMS) into intelligent, autonomous software with incredible analytical power. From the back office to your bottom line, Encoda is dedicated to saving you money.

More Time

Working smarter with Encoda means that your employees can make the most of their time. Current practice management software operates contrary to billing staff workflow, consuming their time and your money with repetitive mundane activities. To change this, BackOffice uses one simple interface to eliminate redundant data entry.

BackOffice can automatically process most claims on its own, freeing your employees for more meaningful decision-making or other tasks.  Instead of checking every transaction, billing staff work with unusual cases, which dwindle as the software learns common errors. Using this technology, an exhaustive eight-hour labor can take just twenty minutes.

More Knowledge

Encoda BackOffice Suite gives your company the knowledge it needs to grow. Our business intelligence tools allow users to manipulate and analyze a massive quantity of medical billing data quickly and easily in real time. Designed to work with economies of scale, increased expansion is increasingly profitable. An Encoda-powered Central Billing Office (CBO) highlights data trends which enable decision makers to comprehensively analyze and report on combined claim and payer data based on any parameter within their system. With this knowledge in hand, your CBO expenses do not have to balloon with your profits.

More Revenue

Encoda clients can look forward to savings at every step of the billing process. In the back office, our software can eliminate the need for additional full-time employees, saving you thousands of dollars. Unlike a clearinghouse, Encoda incurs no mediation fees; using HIPAA-compatible X12 standard transactions, Encoda transfers claims directly to your payers, ensuring the fastest possible turnover. BackOffice is designed for denial avoidance – correcting erroneous claims before they are sent, preventing hundreds of costly and unnecessary appeals. The typical customer saves up to 35% on their operating expenses – and we are so confident of this figure that we guarantee it.

What You Have to Gain With Encoda BackOffice

Dramatic increases in

  • Billing staff productivity
  • Payer reimbursement
  • Favorable reimbursement negotiations
  • Secondary insurance and patient pay compliance

Dramatic decreases in

  • Claims/denial management labor hours
  • Manual interaction with claims-to-payment chores
  • Clearinghouse charges
  • Denial management repairs and rebilling turnaround
  • Days in A/R
  • Secondary payer turnaround