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“Everything that is going on in quality (improvement) nationally … comes down to using data to measure and assess quality, and using the same kind of data to figure out whether the solutions we are putting in place are making the kind of difference that we want.”

– Dr. Carolyn Clancy,
Director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Chicago Tribune, 10/20/2010


Clinigence is a health information technology company that helps healthcare providers derive business value from quality patient care.

Clinical quality is healthcare’s new business metric. We partner with healthcare providers to create business value from clinical data that already exists in your systems, and in the systems of the other organizations from which your patients receive care.

Our software application tool can aggregate patient data across settings (inpatient, ambulatory, home-care, etc.) and EMR systems to create a single, unified view of how your clinicians are performing to pay-for-performance and clinical quality metrics .

Turn Your Patient Data into Business Insight

You are already making the investment in electronic medical records (EMRs).
Now is the time to reap the benefits for your business. The government and private payers are all after your patient data. They call it meaningful use, pay-for-performance, value-based purchasing, etc. But before you turn the value over to them, would you not like to know it for yourself? Clinigence unlocks the business value in your patient data to you first.

Pay-for-Performance on Your Terms

With Clinigence, you will be able to assess the value of value-based purchasing arrangements to payers and the net impact to your bottom line. Armed with this new insight, you can negotiate with payers pay-for-performance programs that benefit your business. For decades payers have leveraged data to squeeze your margins. Clinigence allows you to leverage your complete patient data to negotiate terms that work for you.

Maximize Your Benefits in Quality-based Payment

Once you engage in any quality-based payment arrangement, Clinigence provides you with all the tools you need to track, control and improve your performance as needed. With Clinigence, you can make informed choices on how to maximize the benefits of your participation in value-based purchasing arrangements and take action to manage population health as needed to comply.

Do you have the tools to capture the business benefits of your clinical data?

Payer rates are decreasing and quality demands are going up, so healthcare providers must leverage every opportunity to create business value. Practices must combine better care with better business.

With Clinigence, all you need to do is document patient encounters in your electronic medical records.

We do the rest.